Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Freedonia Center of Light is a "spiritual tuning fork" and group of like-minded aspirants who gather on a regular basis in a backyard setting shaded by trees (in a neighborhood several blocks to the west of Tucson's Reid Park and to the immediate south of Broadway), in a circle of  friendship and common purpose, devoted to the pursuit of higher planes of experience and understanding, guided by these concepts and ideals:

- Freedom of conscience and mind is paramount, therefore no dogma will be imposed and disagreements will be tolerated. The old sayings hold true: "You can go on your own trip, or we can go on one together. However, don't lay a trip on me, and harm none."

- Within the Sacred Circle, these rules shall be observed: all participants will be referred to as Brother and Sister, so therefore Bob would be referred to as "Brother Bob" and Mary would be referred to as "Sister Mary" and the dialogue shall consist of only one speaker at a time, while the others remain silent and the speaker holds the Talking Stick to espouse on whatever related topic moves them. Interruptions shall be addressed as follows: "Brother Bob, please, Sister Mary has the floor" or "Sister Mary, please, Brother Bob has the Talking Stick" and the interrupting party shall remain silent until his or her turn.

- Should any of the contents, statements or interactions of group cause vociferous or violent disagreement, we request that such altercations or fist fights, or solutions deemed necessary, be taken to the back alley and not within the Freedonia premises and that all applicable laws and statutes be obeyed.

- Evidence-based approaches which respect scientific fact and those spiritual views which deny that there is any one true path and affirm the collective archetypal commonalities of the world's religious paths will lead to the most effective and humane outcomes.

- We hold that consciousness and spirit pervade the material universe and are perhaps the precipitate cause of the variegated nature of existence; alternate or skeptical views which deny this view are also encouraged, if they can be expressed respectfully and can incorporate an explanatory model for the far-flung reaches and plumbing depths of reported experience and the mounting evidence of the parasciences.

- We strive towards a form of "fusion consciousness" -- during each member's turn, they are encouraged to guide the group in unique methods and modalities of meditation, spiritual teachings and other forms of mystical practice and brain-change. Members may participate or decline, as their conscience dictates.


This group is dedicated to the inspiration of Reverend Ivan Wilson of the Akasha Center of Light, Cascabel, Arizona.